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Listed below are details of my dog walking and pet sitting services.

For all services an initial meeting will be arranged at your convenience, free of charge,

to meet with you and your dog(s) to discuss your requirements in detail.​ ​​

Dog Walking

​​This service is available either as individual walks or small group walks:


Group Walks     - 1 dog                  £12.00 - 1 hour

 - 2 dogs from the same family   £17.00 - 1 hour

Individual Walks - 1 dog               £20.00 - 1 hour      

Walk times stated exclude pick up/drop off times.

House/Pet Sitting

This service is for pet(s) who will be happier​ and more settled if they stay in their own home.  I will stay in your house and look after your pet(s) as instructed by you. 


Price:  From £40 - up to 24 hours - 1 dog​​​​​

WOOF Tau​nton

T: 07986 089​67​8 E​: contact@​​​

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