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25 May 2018

General Data Protection Regulations - Privacy policy for WOOF Taunton


WOOF Taunton is committed to safeguarding your information. This Policy sets out how your personal information is handled, stored and protected by WOOF Taunton.


Personal data collected by us


In our initial consultation WOOF Taunton has documentation which is completed by you – Pet Care Contract, Veterinary Release Form and House Information Sheet which holds personal information you have provided to us relevant to the service we are providing to you and your pet(s).


Storage of personal data


WOOF Taunton respects that all client data is confidential and needs to be kept confidential.

All client documentation/information is securely held in a locked cabinet.

Keys used to access clients’ properties are locked away in a separate drawer in a locked cabinet and do not have any personal details attached to identify the owners. If the service is no longer required, keys will be returned to the owners.

Your telephone numbers will be stored on our mobile phone should we need to contact you in relation to your pet(s).

WOOF Taunton does not share your information with any other party, person or organisation.

WOOF Taunton only keeps your information until you advise us that you no longer wish your personal information to be held by us - at which time we will securely destroy your personal information.

WOOF Tau​nton

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