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April 2018


January 2018

It's a Dog's Life

A Day in the Life of little OSSIE......

Hello.  My name is Ossie – that’s me in the photo above.  I live with my family and my two dog brothers – Bruce and Arnold.  Whilst my family were away over Christmas and New Year, Lesley from WOOF Taunton came to stay with us.  Although we missed our family, we had a great time with Lesley and she gave me lots of cuddles; well to be honest, she had little choice as I just launched myself onto her lap every time she sat down........

Meet my handsome brother, Bruce.  

Bruce and Arnold love playing with balls and looking for sticks.

Meet my brother, Arnold.  Lesley says he reminds her of a meerkat.


Bruce, Arnold and me are bouncing on the bed and around the bedroom trying to get Lesley up to let us out.  I don’t think Lesley is an early morning person as she didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as us for going out into the garden in the cold morning air.

Me and Arnold on the bed.


We are ready to play in the garden.  Bruce and Arnold love to play ball but, as they are bigger than me and knock me over, I don’t like to play with them.

I have my own ball to play with.  Here I am looking very pleased with myself!


After a short snooze, we are wide awake and ready to go out in the garden again.  Lesley says we can have a “meditative” walk, ie no ball throwing.  As you can imagine, spaniels aren’t known for their “meditative” qualities.  I spend the time foraging around the moss under the trees – it’s surprising what you can find to eat!  

My brothers, Bruce and Arnold, search for lost balls and sticks.

A group shot

Me and my brothers in the garden


It’s walk time; yippee!  We get so excited by walks. Lesley takes us to the woods where we love exploring. Lesley ‘risk assesses’ us all off lead on our first walk and decides that I am the biggest risk!  I really don't know what she means....  Anyway, as a consequence, I am kept on lead.  To be honest, it doesn’t bother me too much as I continue in my own way and just drag Lesley along with me!  Hah!

Arnold and Bruce in the misty woods.

We love our walks in the woods.  One day we even had snow!  Here we are trying to keep still for a photo.  My brother Bruce loves the snow and Lesley throws snowballs for him so that he can catch them and eat the snow.  Arnold and I are not so keen.

Bruce enjoying the snow - not his best look.  Think he is trying to smile but it looks more like a grimace!

Arnold and Bruce


We are all crashed on the sofa after a fun filled day. There is no room for Lesley so she has to sit on the floor!

Bruce and me cuddling on the sofa; happy and sleepy.


October 2017

It's a Dog's Life

A day in the life of ALFIE......

Hi, I’m Alfie and I live with Mummy and Daddy, my older brother, Marley and the latest addition to our dog family, our little sister, Maisie.  When Lesley from WOOF Taunton came to stay in July, it was just me and my brother and we were on our best behaviour, even though Lesley calls me "Mr Naughty"; me I ask?  As if......  However, when she came to stay in September, Maisie had joined us and I don’t think Lesley was quite prepared for the addition of a puppy and the chaos that ensued .......

Before I start, I will introduce you to Marley and Maisie.

My big brother Marley.  He’s a really nice brother but a bit obsessed with his ball.  He doesn’t like other dogs, preferring human company, and is very grumpy with our new sister, although admittedly she can be a bit annoying when we are trying to sleep and she is still wide awake.

My little sister Maisie.  She is a very lively addition to our family and the two of us love playing together in the garden.  Shame about her ears though...... But I do like licking them!


Marley and me out for our early morning walk.  Maisie couldn’t join us as she had not had her final inoculations. 

Lesley says I bark too much.  Really, I say to her, and carry on barking anyway; hah!


Sunbathing on the decking in the garden – closely supervised by Lesley who said we may suffer with sun stroke/overheating if we sunbathe for too long....

And a few other favourite things we like to do in the garden.

Maisie having a quick snooze on th​e picnic blanket.

Reflection of me admiring myself in the garden mirror; a favourite pastime of mine!  You can see Maisie in the background; well, the silhouette of her ears.

Marley loves drinking out of the bird bath......


Time for an afternoon snooze.  Me in my favourite spot on top of the sofa.  Lesley says I am more like a cat – a cat I ask; where?  One of my favourite things is to chase them.  Mummy, Daddy and Lesley are not at all impressed when I do this though; can’t imagine why.

Marley and Maisie asleep.


Maisie and me love playing together in the garden.  We love to run in and out of the flower beds.  Oops, sorry about the flowers, Mummy.

Maisie and me in a tug of war.

Marley prefers to play with his ball.

Maisie and me playing hide and seek.


Time for our afternoon walk in the fields.  Marley is hoping for his ball to be thrown.  I’m hoping for some treats.
Me eating a maize husk.  Lesley tried to stop me but she couldn’t catch me as I ran off across the field; hah!  I managed to eat the whole thing and Lesley was not amused when I was sick for two days.  That won’t stop me eating them again though; they are rather yummy.  It did mean that I was kept on the lead for the next few days to stop me eating more of them; shame.


Us relaxing on the sofa at the end of a very busy day.  It won’t last for long as Maisie will soon be up annoying us all.  She only seems to ‘power’ nap and then she is off again...... Lesley says it is exhausting.....  We really hope she comes to stay again........


August 2017

It's a Dog's Life.......

A day in the life of HARRY - that's me (otherwise known as “Prince Harry” - courtesy of my Aunty Anita).

Whilst Mum and Dad went away on holiday, Lesley from WOOF Taunton came to stay to look after me and my big sister Pip (otherwise known as “Princess Pip” – yes, you’ve guessed it – Aunty Anita again).

We like it when Lesley stays as she takes us for lovely walks and lets us into the lounge all the time and gives us lots of cuddles. She doesn’t give us many treats though; I think that’s because Mum tells her not to..... something to do with putting on weight......


Me and my sister Pip on an early morning walk.  Lots of exciting smells to build up an appetite for breakfast.

Did I tell you that Lesley's nickname for me is "Scooby Doo".  She says it's the way I walk that reminds her of that loveable cartoon dog.  I personally think I am much more handsome.....


After breakfast it’s time for a snooze. I really love my older sister, Pip, but sometimes she is a little too domineering. I was in the bed first, but she insisted on pushing in as well. You can tell by the look on my face that I’m not very impressed..... and it’s a tight squeeze.....


Lesley gets her mat out to do some yoga. I soon put a stop to that by taking over the mat. Besides, her Downward Dog is not a patch on mine!  


We had a lovely walk in the woods. Here Pip and I are walking along on our best behaviour.


Time for another snooze. Here I am lounging upside down on the couch. 

And a close up - I’m not sure that this is doing me any favours though; oh well, at least my mouth is closed....


Pip and I looking appealingly at Lesley in the hope that she will take us for another walk. She sometimes forgets and mentions the word “out” when referring to something else other than a walk, which gets me and my sister very excited indeed as we know that “out” actually means “walk”. It has caused some confusion for all of us.....


We had a lovely evening stroll and the rain actually stopped for a short time. Who would believe that we are in August? Lesley took this rather artistic shot of me in silhouette with a beautiful rainbow in the background. 


After a happy day of walks, good food and cuddles, me and Pip are relaxing on the couch.

We are going to do it all again tomorrow...... and the next day; can’t wait.....

WOOF Tau​nton

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